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Ethical Management

Sejung is dedicated to heightening the value of the company through fair and transparent management and fulfilling its responsibilities as a member of society with an aim to realize one of the core values, which is to pursue an honest gain. We are working toward sustainable growth and development, together with our customers, retailers, partner companies, executives and employees.

  • Sejung’s determination to practice ethical management has been produced in the form of the Code of Ethics.
    01 Perform duties in an honest and fair manner with pride as a member of Sejung, and be committed to maintaining one’s dignity and the honor of Sejung based on a set of sound ethical values.
    • Establishment of ethical values

      We, as members of Sejung, shall not engage in unethical acts such as accepting money or valuables to provide favors for personal gain or ignore unethical acts or misbehaviors on the part of others. We shall act based on our ethical conscience and mindset.

    • Compliance to the Ethical Standards and Guidelines

      The executives and employees of Sejung have a duty to observe the Ethical Standards and Guidelines set forth by the company, through which they must actively create a clean, transparent corporate culture.

    • Maintaining fairness and strengthening inter-division cooperation

      We, as members of Sejung, shall make an effort to create a transparent company by ensuring fair and objective performance of our duties based on the regulations and principles set forth by the company. All executives and employees shall work together toward the ultimate goal of the company by cooperating with other divisions.

    02 Create the appropriate conditions to provide rewarding experiences and guarantee happiness for all executives and employees and treat them with respect to realize the visions of the company.
    • Respect for others

      All executives and employees shall be treated with respect based on the principles of human dignity.

    • Fair treatment

      All executives and employees shall be given equal opportunities based on their capabilities and qualifications and be evaluated and rewarded in fairness.

    • Promoting originality

      The company shall create the ideal conditions to promote voluntary and creative performance of duties, prepare diverse educational systems to enhance the members’ capacity, and actively cultivate talented individuals.

    03 Understand that customers are the sole reason the company exists and set customer satisfaction as the No. 1 priority.
    • Respect for customers

      We shall actively listen to the feedback given by our customers and respond quickly and sincerely to all fair requests.

    • Providing value

      We shall ceaseless try to create higher value from the perspective of our customers and provide them with products and services of the highest quality.

    • Protection of rights

      We shall actively disclose information on matters, which customers have the right to know, and shall not disclose or utilize customer information without their consent.

    04 Ensure mutual growth with retailers and partner companies.
    • Fair trade

      All transactions and trade shall be performed fairly in observation of the relevant laws, regulations, trade criteria and procedures, and our superior position shall not be abused for the purpose of performing unjustifiable acts.

    • Equal opportunities

      All partner companies shall be given equal opportunities based on the same set of criteria, and potential partner companies shall be selected based on fair and strict evaluation criteria.

    • Pursuit of mutual development

      A transparent trade culture focusing on mutual respect and collaborative relationships shall be created based on fairness and equal opportunities with an aim to pursue co-existence and mutual development.

    05 Fulfill the responsibilities as a member of society and contribute to the development of the nation and local community through social contribution activities.
    • Fulfilling social responsibilities

      Corporate responsibilities and obligations such as observation of the laws and regulations related to management activities, continuous job creation and faithful payment of taxes shall be fulfilled.

    • Diverse social contribution activities

      The executives and employees shall be recommended to participate in social activities and services to create a beautiful society.

    • Environmental protection

      We shall contribute to the conservation and preservation of the ecosystem by complying with the laws and regulations related to the environment and ensuring a harmonious balance between our management activities and the environment.

  • The Ethical Standards of Sejung have been set forth with an aim to ensure that all the executives, employees and interested parties understand and practice the Code of Ethics and to ensure that right decisions are made in situations that give rise to ethical dilemmas.
  • The standards for judging unethical acts such as acceptance of money, valuables, gifts and entertainment services and the guidelines for ethical behaviors have been set forth to make sure that the executives, employees, partner companies and retailers do not engage in unethical behaviors.